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Photography by Luka Fisher







“Feral Kizzy has impressed audiences across SoCal and beyond with their high energy shows and hard-edged New Wave sound. They bring together a surprising variety of genres and blend them into a coherent whole.”
– G. Murray Thomas – LB Post

“The band’s 2012 self-titled EP documents this live energy. From start to finish, it’s 20 minutes of ball-busting octane that serves as a great watermark for them.”
– Adam Lovinus – OC Weekly

“Fiercely elfin fronter Kizzy Kirk laced into a preliminary bombardment that took the place by sonic shock and charismatic awe. This kind of disciplined lack of restraint gives rock music what life it still has.”
– Ron Garmon – LA Record

“Peripatetically spending over half the set out amongst the audience, she flopped on strangers to carry her aloft, shanghaied pals to sing along on the dance floor, then swung precariously from the stage curtains, all while mini-skirted.
None of a hardcore crowd’s forced proactive dives here, her antics remain friendly but in your face.”
– Heather Harris – Fast Film

“Doing what she wants makes every Feral Kizzy live show an unpredictable experience, as Kizzy wades into the crowd with total abandon.”
– Chris Morris