“Kizzy, a whole-souled rocker who croons, howls, shrieks and swaggers like a three-quarter-scale Mick Jagger, is a marvel of this cynical age…The band’s music welds Sixties garage and Eighties postpunk to a sinuous this-minute aggression as direct as a hurled half-brick during a cop riot. This kind of disciplined lack of restraint gives rock music what life it enjoys in this repressive age.” – Ron Garmon, LA Record

Born and bred in Long Beach and currently tearing up clubs in Los Angeles, Orange County and the South Bay, Feral Kizzy unleashed upon the world at large via a self-released, self-titled five-track debut EP, produced by Agent Orange drummer Dave Klein.
The group was founded in 2010, when singer and lyricist Kirk began working acoustically with guitarist Lim. With the addition of classically trained keyboardist-vocalist Carsey, Keller, and Meza, Feral Kizzy’s lineup solidified in early 2012.
From the start, the band has developed its sound from a confluence of musical streams.
“A huge influence was Patti Smith,” Kizzy says. “Her book Just Kids was one of the main reasons I wanted to start a band. She’s a living saint of rock ‘n’ roll. Also PJ Harvey and the Kills. I like the Runaways, too, but they’re a little different. I was a huge fan of Pearl Jam. There was also kind of an underground band from Georgia, Pylon.”
She adds, “I come from this raw place. I have no knowledge of how to play an instrument. It’s just my poetry, turned into a song. The keyboards and the harmonies make our music that much more dynamic. With such strong backing, I feel like I can do what I want, 100 per cent.”
And doing what she wants makes every Feral Kizzy live show an unpredictable experience, as Kizzy wades into the crowd with total abandon.
“What happens is kind of a blur when it’s happening,” Kizzy says. “There’s a picture of me at a show at the Continental Room in Fullerton – I’m upside down, my face is smashed against the floor, my feet are over the railing. I actually cut my hand on the ceiling – I was standing on a ledge and balancing myself against the ceiling. I looked at the photo and said, ‘Wow, I don’t remember that.’ I measure how good a show it was by how many bruises I get.”
A veteran of their own headlining club dates and opening stints with such buzzy acts as the Crystal Antlers and Raw Geronimo, Feral Kizzy’s 5 song EP is now available for purchase at shows and online at Bandcamp.com.

-Chris Morris